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If you want your web pages to rank higher in the search engine result pages, then you need to publish search engine optimized articles. But where can I get SEO articles? A few of the best options on where to get them will be presented further on. But before going into that, it is best to know first a few important things. One of them is to understand what an SEO article is, and what separates it from the standard articles

Differences between SEO and Standard Articles

Basically, both standard and SEO articles are the same, with retrospect to content. The differences lie on the formatting or the article structure, as well as the use of target keyword phrases.

But in the readers’ eyes, there should be no difference at all between a perfect SEO article and a standard article. This is in line with what Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, keeps on saying; to write your content for the readers without minding the use of keywords. In essence, it must be written as if you are talking to the readers and not optimizing your content for the search engines.

Thus, the flow of the discussion should be flawless. A slight observation of the use of keywords is already a sign that the article is optimized, and it is not a good SEO content. While keywords must be inserted in strategic locations of the article, these keyword phrases should not be noticed by the readers. In other words, keywords should be inserted not to increase the density but because they make sense in a sentence.

In relation to keyword placement, search engine optimized articles contain not just the main keyword term but also other related phrases and words. While the search bots will catch the entire phrase when indexing and ranking websites, they can also catch each word of the keyword phrase separately, and rank the content accordingly.

For instance, if the target keyword phrase is ‘how to make money online’ you can also optimize your article by inserting all the words in the phrase separately, without using the entire phases. Using the same example, you can break the phrase into two sentences like this one: ‘Online, you can make money. Learn how to do it.’ These sentences can do the same trick in optimizing your content without casting doubts among the search bots that you are optimizing it for that phrase.

When it comes to formatting, they are still the same, except that headings and sub-heading must be present in SEO articles, and they must contain the main or related keywords. Moreover, an SEO post should be reinforced with at least one relevant image, or a video for that matter. Nonetheless, knowing these things can help you differentiate between an SEO content and a standard one.

Where Can I Get SEO Articles – Here’s How

Now back to the issue on where can I get SEO articles. While there are pre-made articles, you are better off using custom-made contents for your website. Thus, the question should not be ‘where’ but ‘how.’ You can write the articles on your own, or outsource the writing process to a reliable and trusted SEO writer. There are many writers specializing in the field of search engine optimization, and they can help you produce the SEO articles that you need.

So your main challenge now has shifted from where to find these articles to how you can get these articles for your site. There are many services to choose from, but you can easily find the right person or team to do the SEO article writing part by keeping in mind what differentiates SEO contents from the standard articles.

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