What Factors in Alexa Ranking Matter Today
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Many online marketers may not give so emphasis on Alexa Rank, but having a good Alexa score still works wonder today. Many online shoppers are still looking at the Alexa Rank before buying from a website, and they use it as a major factor when deciding whether to trust an online shop or not. So if you want to improve your rank, then you should know what factors in Alexa ranking still matter nowadays.

Essential Factors that Affect Alexa Rank

This has always been and will always be a major Alexa Ranking factor. This is an important component of everything that you will do when optimizing your site for Alexa. Without the toolbar, then all your efforts to raise your rank will deem fruitless.

The toolbar is the main communication platform between your site and Alexa, and it is also used by the network to monitor the activities in your website and evaluate its rank. The toolbar tracks the number of visits to your web pages, not just by any visitor but also by Alexa toolbar users, as well.

So the first thing that you should do if you are optimizing for Alexa is to download and install the toolbar. Start using it because your online activities will be tracked by the toolbar.

Moreover, you must also claim your website, which is the next step. You can only be tracked and monitored once you claim your blog. An HTML code is usually provided for along with instructions on where to insert the code. Follow the instructions and claim your site in order to begin your campaign. If you omit this process, then don’t expect Alexa to give you a good rank.

Alexa Traffic

Another important factor is Alexa traffic. Take note that only the Alexa toolbar users will count. Visits by non-users will not add to your score. So work on improving your traffic by users. Look for blogs with Alexa widgets and start communicating with the owner. Build relationship with as many Alexa users as you can and many of them will start visiting your blog. This will improve your rank in the end.

There are many techniques of getting Alexa users to check out your site. Search engine optimization may work, but this will not give you targeted traffic according to Alexa users. One good method is article marketing. While this can give you general traffic, this will also attract some Alexa users by targeting the right keywords.

Alexa Badge and Widget

Another way to improve your rank is to install the widget and the badge provided for by Alexa. The widget helps identify you as an Alexa user. If the other users see your badge, then they may start visiting your blog more often. This is because they expect other users will be there too, and they are also hoping to attract others to visit their own blogs.

Aside from that, the badge can help enhance credibility. As mentioned earlier, one of the major benefits of having a good rank is trust. Online buyers will trust your eCommerce site quickly if your rank is good. This will also command higher price if you decide to flip or sell your website in the future.

The badge is like a property improvement in real estate that adds value to your property. So having the badge along with your good rank can raise the value of your site, as well.

The above components are just among the many other factors that you need to carefully consider. While there are many, you can gain sufficient traction from your campaign if you focus more on what factors in Alexa ranking that matter most.

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