Things You Should Not Do When You Buy Targeted Traffic
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Buying traffic can be done without flaw. But if you are not extra careful when you buy targeted traffic for your website, your chances of falling into the fraud traps will increase. Keep in mind that the paid traffic industry is marred by fraud, which is very rampant nowadays. Some companies will give you fake traffic; others will send non-targeted visitors that do not convert. So stop wasting your money buying traffic with low returns from your investment. You will only incur losses instead of profits.

So it’s crystal clear that there risks in purchasing your web traffic. But you can minimize the risk if you observe some precautionary measures, and if you avoid the common traps. Knowing the probable bumps along the way can help you avoid them, thereby reducing your risks. Here are some of the things to avoid if you are going to buy targeted traffic for your blog.

Avoid Firms Tapping on the Traffic Exchange Networks for Traffic

Some companies have inferior quality systems of getting hits and funneling them to the sites of their customers. They are using the traffic exchange networks as their traffic sources. Search engines, particularly Google, don’t like these networks because of the artificial and manipulative nature of website visitations.

People involved in traffic exchange networks are hopping on from one blog to another many times in a day not because they are looking for information but because they are looking forward to receiving a return favor by being visited by the other members. The rate is usually one-is-to-one, or one visit to a member’s blog is returned back with one visit to your site by a network member.

So if you want to get 50 hits to your site in a day, then you need to visit 50 blogs of other members, as well. So it’s clear that the visits are artificial, and such traffic will convert poorly. Therefore, you must avoid subscribing to the services of firms using these networks. They are SEO risks because Google tagged traffic exchange networks as black hat sites, and your blog will be involved once you are getting traffic from these networks.

Don’t Buy Traffic from Firms Using PTC Networks as Traffic Source

Similarly, paid traffic companies using the PTC networks must also be avoided. Paid-to-click sites are also branded by the search engines as black hat because of the manipulative nature of the process. If you buy traffic from such firms then you will only get visitors paid to visit sites at the rate of small pennies per blog.

Since they are there because of money, then obviously they have no intention of buying or reading your posts. Most visitors will just wait for at least 10 to 20 seconds and then leave to visit another site. Such traffic will cause your bounce rate to shoot up, which is bad for SEO.

Avoid Those without Filters If You Want Targeted Traffic

If you want to buy targeted traffic, then you should be able to customize your traffic using filters. Presence of filters or customization tools is a good sign that the traffic that you will be getting from is well targeted to your niche. But if this is not available, then the web visitors that will be sent over to your sales page are general traffic, or non-targeted people that poorly convert.

Thus, avoid using the services of companies that do not allow you to customize your traffic, unless you simply want wider exposure for your website. Even then, getting general traffic will not produce fruitful results even if your main intention is branding and exposure. You should get your business in front of target audience for best results.

By keeping in mind the above common pitfalls of buying visitors, you can buy targeted traffic without worrying about becoming the next victim of fraud. But more importantly, they provide better assurance of higher performance from your campaign.

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