Things To Know Before You Buy Targeted Traffic
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Buying traffic is not for everyone, just like advertising. If you don’t observe certain unwritten rules and precautionary measures, then it is best not to buy targeted traffic just yet because this venture is not going to be a profitable one but a losing campaign. Contrary to the common notion, success is not guaranteed but earned. Just like in any business undertaking, if you don’t do it right you will end up on the losing end.

That said, it is important to know first a few things about the nature of the system in order to set your campaign on the right foot forward. There are several questions that you need to ask first. These questions will serve as your guide when launching a paid traffic campaign.

Where Will the Visitors Come From if You Buy Targeted Traffic

This question is very crucial. While having plenty of visitors is good, what benefits will you get if majority of them are non-targeted people. They will not convert into sales and you may not be able to recover your investment if the quality of visitors is very inferior. In the end, the campaign will still end up unprofitable and in loss.

Paid-to-Click Sites

Take note that different companies provide different services. The quality of their services greatly varies, as well. This is due to the fact that they are using different methods of capturing people and sending them over to their clients. Many of them will source their traffic from PTC sites. These are networks that pay people small cents per visit, sometimes a few cents per hundreds or thousands of page views.

Just imagine the type of people visiting your blog if you are going to subscribe to one of their cheap yet inferior plans. Since their main reason for visiting your blog is to earn, then it is obvious that they will not buy anything from you. They will only stay for a few seconds and then leave. Since they will not check the other pages, your bounce rate will rise, as well, which is bad for SEO. This is one type of paid traffic services that you must avoid at all cost.

Traffic Exchange Networks

Many bloggers struggling to increase traffic have forged agreement with one another to visit each other’s blogs. Visit my blog and I will visit yours in return. This is the main mode of operation of these networks. Just like in PTC, the type of visitors that you will get is very inferior. They are non-buyers but mostly bloggers and webmasters with common desires to increase the traffic level of their respective blogs, like you.

Expired Domains

This is the traffic source of legitimate and trusted firms offering paid hits services. They have huge collection of high page ranking expired domains that already enjoy high traffic level. They are always on the lookout for expiring domains and they are also experts in bidding for such domains with great success.

Once you subscribe to one of their trusted and reliable plans, all they have to do is to redirect some of the traffic from their expired domains and send over to your designated webpage. Many of these domains are sitting at the front page of Google. Thus, some of the traffic that you will get will be coming from Google and Yahoo, which are highly targeted to your niche, thereby improving not just your traffic count but your conversion rate, as well.

By knowing the different sources of paid traffic, you should be in a better position right now to decide which service to use. There are plenty of them in the market offering almost similar services. But by finding out their sources, you can quickly assess if their services are good or not. So, keep these things in mind before you buy targeted traffic and your chances of finding the right provider will be higher.

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