The Uses of Traffic by Publishers
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More and more publishers are increasing revenue streams and acquiring new users to their websites by adopting content marketing tools. Conversely, the “traffic exchange” has developed over the last few years. Companies such as Knowd, Crowd Ignite, Scribol and MGID have partnered with publishers to help increase their content.

This is a simple model that involves pooling various distinct users around a particular demo in a perfect world. All the websites involved develop their content and market it to that audience or pool. Publishers will get the opportunity to market their content via these products on niche mid-tail sites. They gain access to a smaller, and more engaged user base. Small publishers can promote their content on larger publications at scale. However, web publishers should realize that not all traffic exchanges are similar. This includes laundering out good traffic that publishers send into the platform to sell and returning lower quality traffic to participants in exchange.

Consequently, marketers have become particular about targeted audiences resulting in the scrutiny of publishers and the tools they use. Publishers need to learn how to differentiate products. They need to be careful about certain products by using best practices

Here are the facts:

  • Publishers should use the products they see on premium publishers sites when they want to expand the placement of traffic exchange widgets on their websites. Such publishers include Fox News, Bleacher Report and Huffington Post.
  • Confirm with the traffic exchange that you are partnering with or intend to whether they work with premium advertisers or not.
  • Confirm with the traffic exchange if they conduct audits of websites that want to join their platforms. If so then there is quality control.
  • Confirm if the traffic exchange uses filters to block non-human traffic.
  • Learn more about the quality of referral traffic on the traffic exchange by checking Alexa click-stream data and other publically available information sources.
  • Test the traffic exchange to know more about the type of traffic you would receive from them.

It is necessary for publishers to make enquiries about who they are partnering with.

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