The Secret to Purchasing Traffic – and Getting it to Pay Off!
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A lot of otherwise smart and savvy this is owners, marketers, and advertisers out there aren’t wild about the idea of purchasing traffic.

For whatever reason, they have bought (often hook, line, and sinker) the big myth that the Internet offers so many different free traffic generation approaches that making the decision to purchase website traffic is almost unnecessary – when literally nothing could be further from the truth.

Obviously, when you decide to purchase website traffic you are deciding to speed up your results considerably. Instead of sitting back and reacting to your marketplace you are heading out and generating and driving more traffic than you ever would have been able to before. This is just something that organic search engine optimization efforts can never help you out with.

At the same time, you aren’t going to want to waste a lot of money when you purchase USA traffic. You’re going to want to do things that pay off almost immediately, always trying to make sure that your business is taking the right steps moving forward.

Hopefully by using the information in this quick guide you’ll have a better idea of how to purchase traffic, which strategies will work and which ones should be avoided, and how to get the most out of this essential business building component today.

Outline your monetization strategy ahead of time

The first thing (the very first thing) that you do when looking to purchase traffic online is to first focus on your monetization strategy for that traffic.

Too many people try to put the cart before the horse a when looking to purchase traffic from different online sources, and flood their web properties with targeted traffic without having any idea whatsoever as to how to best monetize each and every one of those visitors.

You’re going to want to decide exactly what type of campaign this purchase traffic endeavor is going to be built around.

Are you looking to get new customers by offering a front end product, looking to make all of your money on the back and of things? Or are you instead looking to make a bit of a “big splash” right out of the blocks and use this campaign to sell product immediately?

By answering those questions (and a number of others that you come up with on your own) you’ll have a better understanding of the best approach to purchase traffic for you.

Create a concrete ideal prospect avatar

The second thing that you’re going to need to do (before attending any of the technical side of this approach) is come up with an ideal prospect avatar.

This is something that all good marketers understand the value of, and something that too terribly many “rookies” and even seasoned veterans skip for any different number of reasons.

Once you have a solid concrete ideal prospect avatar – and avatar that breaks down the critical aspects of your ideal prospect, including the different demographics, psychographics, and other personality details that will improve your market – you will know exactly what kind of traffic to purchase, and where to begin looking for it.

Without this information, you are going to be flailing around in the dark – never really able to get the kinds of results you had been hoping for.

Which purchase traffic strategy are you going to use?

Once those two additional steps are taken care of above, then and only then is the time to begin considering which of the different traffic purchasing strategies you are going to put into play.

Obviously, there are an almost endless amount of approaches you can use when looking to generate the best possible results as far as traffic generation is concerned, and each of the ones below income this most of the major ones.

PPC traffic

PPC traffic (also known as pay per click traffic) is maybe the most fundamental of all the different traffic available for sale, and certainly the most popular. This includes Google AdWords campaigns and other search engine advertising approaches that require you to pay for a single click – and not a customer – and is usually quite cost-effective.

Facebook traffic

Facebook advertising and Facebook traffic generation is becoming more and more popular as time goes on, mostly because they can provide you with a tremendous amount of traffic targeting tools that you won’t find anywhere else.

Joint venture traffic

Joint venture traffic can be a little bit “hidden menace” when you’re looking to purchase new traffic to your web properties, it really all boils down to the caliber of person that you are joint venturing with. Some are going to be better than others, some are going to work to provide you with higher quality traffic than others, and some are just going to be flat-out duds. Even still, this is a traffic generation tool that you’ll want to have in your back pocket moving forward.

Media buying

Media buying (including banner ads, solo ads, and a number of other traffic generation tools involving different media purchases) are on the rise today – and for a good reason. Integrating media buying allows you to leverage multi step marketing campaigns, using a number of different marketing and advertising approaches on each and every step.

The best traffic purchasing approach you could probably leverage is a combination of all the different options above, so make sure that you try out as many of them as you can to squeeze every single drop of success out of them that they have to offer.

Use purchase traffic strategies and organic traffic strategies to skyrocket results

Lastly, it’s critical that you integrate paid traffic solutions with organic traffic solutions to get the best blend of short-term and long-term results. Nothing beats the speed of implementation that buying traffic affords, but with organic search engine optimization your investment in time, energy, and money will pay off for years and years to come.

There is no single “best” approach on it comes to buying traffic or search engine optimization – you need to test, tweak, and optimize your own moving forward!



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