Use of our services, or the services rendered by Innovalist Pte Ltd. and its partners
and agents, signifies your understanding and agreement to the Terms of Use as stated in this page. Furthermore, you agree and understand that this agreement already serves as a legally binding document. This applies to any domain or link associated with our services. You also understand and agree that any or all links that you shall be submitting to use are owned by you, or you have full authority to transact business on behalf of the owners of the websites.


The terms we, us, we, and our or ours, refer to Innovalist Pte Ltd,its partners and agents, and this website.

The words ‘service’ and ‘services’ pertain to our paid website traffic plans and packages, and any other task we are servicing for our clients.

The terms you, client, clients, customer, and customers are those who bought or subscribed to one or more of our plans and packages.

The phrase ‘website’ refers to web url and links, advertising banners, and hyperlinks.

The statement ‘targeted traffic’ means visitors to a website that were generated with filters based on country and interests. There were captured and funneled through various means like rotation, redirection, and url forwarding.

The statement ‘organic traffic’ means general traffic coming from expired domains. This also includes other natural sources of web traffic.

The word ‘campaign’ means the packages and plans wherein we, the service provider, has the obligation of sending traffic to one or more web urls of your choice within a certain period of time.

The term ‘targeted campaign’ means paid traffic plans that require us to send to your designated url/s more targeted audiences filtered according to category or interests, language, and/or country.

A pro-rated refund payment can be calculated using the formula: D, or the number of website visitors, divided by V, or the number of traffic bought, minus one. The answer is then multiplied by P, or the plan price. In short: (D/V) – 1 ] x P.

Web Traffic Services

You have read, understood, and agreed that our web traffic services consist of getting traffic from expired domains and then redirecting the flow of traffic to the websites or links of your choice. Since the traffic is organic, therefore, the flow of visitors coming in to your site may significantly vary on day-to-day basis. You also agreed that a visitor tracking system will be in place to allow you to monitor and check the flow of daily traffic to your website. A unique campaign ID shall be assigned to you so that you can login to the software.

Furthermore, you understood and agreed that when a visitor instantly leaves your site while it is still loading, or before it can load completely due to lack of interests to your contents, bandwidth problems, or any other issue, such visit is already counted as one. Under such circumstance, our obligation of sending traffic to your site is already considered fulfilled.

In addition to that, such visit may not show up or counted in the traffic stats report because the tracking code could be not loaded yet. We have no control of various factors that include incidences of visitors immediately leaving your website for various reasons. Therefore, we are by no means accountable for or liable to the actions and lack of actions of the visitors we send to your website.

Once you buy traffic from us, you also signify your understanding and agreement to the use of the visitor monitoring software for tracking purposes. This will also serve as an official document of proof of delivery of your purchase. The details in the report may differ from the data of third party web statistics tools like Google Analytic and Google Adsense. This is due to the fact that their tools may not be able to catch the traffic we are sending over to your site through our system. In this connection, we are by no means be penalized or held responsible for non fulfillment of agreed tasks based on the reports of third-party programs. For more details, please check our FAQs page.

Web Traffic Service Agreement

By dealing with us, you signify your agreement to use our services and your conformity to the Terms of Use. You further agree that all websites that you will be submitting to us for us to send traffic to are in line with our requirements. This includes but not limited to the following: The website or url should not:

Be an YouTube page, a Facebook page, a Squidoo Lens, an EzineArticles page, or a Hubpage that you have no ownership of, or you have no authority to transact business involving the said website.

Contain nude or adult contents unless you are buying our ‘adult traffic’package.

Contain harmful files , data, or software like virus and spyware.

Contain break-out frames.

Contain popup and pop-under ads, fly-ins, and layer ads, unless you are subscribing to our popup package.

Interrupt the web traffic delivery process.

Force download bad programs.

Load too long, or not more than 5 seconds.

Use web forwarding, rotation, web redirection, unless they are included in your bought package.

Your purchase of one of your packages further conforms your agreement that the
campaign may not start immediately but it will commence anytime within 24 to 72 hours after payment. No refund will be famed during this period. For orders received during weekend, you also agree that the processing time will be extended further. The time of delivery greatly fluctuates depending on the amount of your order. Moreover, we shall only send paid traffic to the links that you submitted to us.

You also understand and agree that the visitors we will be sending over to your website are real people and not bots. They will come from different sources, but some of them may be using the same IP address; others are returning visitors.

Indemnity and Non-Liability

Innovalist Pte Ltd., its partners and agents, and this website are by no means liable
for any punitive, consequential, direct and/or indirect, or any damage including but not limited to damages for loss of or suspended advertising network accounts like Google Adsense, loss or lack of profits, loss of CPA offer account, and loss of money and/or credit balance arising out of suspended accounts in affiliate programs and advertising networks. Furthermore, we are neither liable to nor held responsible for loss of ranking in the search engines like Yahooo and Google, loss of Alexa Rank, and demoted Google PageRank as a result of using our services, even if we were aware or advised, beforehand, of the probable damage and risks.

Non Association Clause

Once you subscribe to our services, you conform your agreement to hold Innovalist Pte Ltd, its partners and agents, and this website harmless and indemnify against any claim arising out of use of our services. This includes but not limited to expenses and liabilities incurred from lawsuit, litigation costs, third party claims, attorneys’ fees, and any form of judgment. This further includes damages done to you or to others arising out of use of our traffic services, despite our knowledge of the potential damages.

We are, under no circumstance, associated with your business and with your websites including its activities. Therefore, we are by no means, to be held liable to any local authority in the event of your site being linked to unlawful acts. The terms of use in this page already serves as a final contract between you and us, regardless of the advertisements, testimonials, and statements in this website.

This agreement shall be, further, construed and governed in conformity to the Republic of Singapore laws. Thus, all legal actions and proceedings between us and you, as well as any involved party, shall be brought in exclusively to the courts of Singapore.


This serves as a general disclaimer testifying all services rendered by Innovalist Pte
Ltd, its partners, suppliers, and agents, including this website. The additional disclaimers are further detailed as follows:

Targeted Traffic

You have read, agreed, and understood that this site is not liable for things beyond its control that affect the process of delivery of your purchases including the type of traffic being subscribed for. For instance, if you ordered for USA bulk traffic, there is no guarantee that 100% of the visitors will be coming from the US. Some of them may be actually located in other countries, but they have changed their IPs and used US-based IP addresses. As a result, they ended up as non-targeted visitors to your website according to country.


You further agreed and understood that the published reviews, statements, and testimonials about our services are genuine, and they are opinions of our clients. This includes statements about their income and business performances, photos of our customers, and their forum usernames. Furthermore, we declare that they are our past and present clients.

However, we cannot authenticate or verify the accuracy of their statements in the testimonials and reviews, considering the fact that the results could be affected by several factors that include the individual computer and website configurations. Additionally, some reviews were paid and customers were given free credits on our packages in exchange for honest reviews. While they were paid to write testimonials, their statements were by no means influenced by us.

While many of our costumers became quite successful after using our services, there is still no guarantee that your sales and income will improve; there are numerous factors that affect sales such as your landing page or sales copy, content quality, and web configurations. Some clients have made modifications just to optimize the results of their campaigns. This is, under any circumstance, a get-rich scheme. You still need to innovate, formulate, and tweak or initiate changes on your site to maximize the output. But we have an excellent customer service team that is ready to help you find the best plan that suits your business.

But in the event of you not satisfied with our services for some valid reasons, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can further help you in your needs. We are open to requests for refund. We can give you pro-rated refund if you no longer wish to pursue the campaign further. But we also have all the rights to deny or approve refund requests.


You agreed and understood and that once your payment is received by us, sales are final and the campaign will immediately start. However, the delivery days may vary based on your order and/or the stipulations you have set. We have the right to approve or deny any request for refund, and the case investigated prior to approval or denial. Refund requests will be approved based on the validity of the claim. But you should be aware of the limitations of our refund policy. If approved, only the unused credits of your campaign may be subject to pro-rated refund. You will also receive a message from us for explanations if your request for refund is denied.

Any request for refund must be sent to us through our email address as published in our contact us page. Our customer representatives are available 24/7 but our technical support is not round-the-clock and support may come late due to nonavailability of our technical specialist during the time of request.

General Terms of Use of this Website

Sale and transfer of our services to third parties is not allowed, unless there is prior
written approval from our end. Advertising our brand name and logo, including the promotional materials and activities, is also not allowed. This further includes the use of our web contents and use of our services via other links other than our own, unless there is written permission from us. We have rights to use your name for promotional reasons. But press releases regarding partnerships between you and us must only be done with approval from both parties.

All materials herein are copyrighted. This includes but not limited to the following: web design, logo, contents, videos, infographics, and graphics. Thus, copying and distribution, in part or in whole, is not allowed. Furthermore, you or any of your representatives is not allowed to use affiliate links and sub-domain urls linked to this website, regardless of your purpose.

Modifications to the Terms and Conditions

You further signify that you have read, understood, and agreed that the present terms of use are subject to change without notice in any form from us, and we have the right to make changes anytime as deemed fit. Your purchases, therefore, even if done in the past, are governed by the latest and modified terms of use. You are amenable to this as shown by your continued use of our services.