Should You Hire A Backlink Service Provider Or Not
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Link building is such a complex and laborious process that requires ample time and manpower in order to gain traction. While you can do it on your own, you will definitely be left out by your competitors if you don’t tap on the available resources like hiring a trusted backlink service provider.

However, the rising costs of professional fees of link builders have hindered many internet marketers today from hiring people to build backlinks. Aside from cost, there are also other reasons why bloggers are still hesitant to use such services. A good way to assess if hiring linkbuilders is feasible or not, it is best to find out the pros and cons.

Pros of Hiring Backlink Service Providers

Frees Up your Time

By outsourcing the task, you will have more time to work on other important matters. Time is essential today, especially in a highly competitive market and in a very stressful lifestyle. If you have an online business, you cannot just focus mainly on building links that will definitely demand a lot of time from you. But by delegating the task to an expert in this field, you will be more productive and competitive as a result of having enough time for planning and for implementing other aspects of your business.

Tap on the Expertise of Professionals

Link building is not just building these links anywhere. You need to know the best places to plant those links in order to preserve the high standard of quality. Aside from that, there are some good places to build links that may require premium access. A few companies have already access to these networks and they are, therefore, capable of giving you higher quality backlinks. If you don’t know where to build links, then just leave it to the experts, and do what you do best instead.

Cons of Using the Services of Backlink Builders

They Are Costly

Depending on the reputation and quality of the service provider, the cost of outsourcing this task can sometimes hurt your pocket. That is why many are still wondering if this option is feasible or not. For other bloggers, they don’t feel the need to outsource since this can be easily done. There are now software that automate the process, thereby rending outsourcing less preferred by.


Like all else, there are risks involved. With so many link-building services being offered online, the chances are high that you may be able to subscribe to an inept backlink service provider. The worst part is if the links built for your blog are super low in quality and planted in spammy and malicious websites, instead of SEO benefits your blog will be meted with unwanted consequences and penalties. Consequently, you will lose rank instead of going up.

Another drawback related to risk is the possibility of getting bad links, which are hard to search and disavow. While Google provides a disavow tool that allows you to unlink bad backlinks in your profile, if you outsource the tasks then it will be difficult to trace where the spammy links are. But if you do it on your own, it will be much easier to locate them since you know where to go and find those links that you built in the past.

While there are other advantages and disadvantages, the above pros and cons are among the major highlights that can remarkably help you decide if outsourcing is best at your end or not. Ideally, if your budget permits then hire a professional and trusted backlink service provider to do it for you. Otherwise, do it on your own and use a good software to help you build high quality links.

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