Privacy Statement for is a customer and user-driven company. That is why the privacy of our visitors is very important to us. We are clear and transparent to our visitors with regards to our privacy policy, and are outlining our privacy statement in full details below. This document will explain why information is collected, what information we are collecting, and how we use them.

Collection of Information

In accordance with our aim of providing the best experience to our visitors, we are collecting information in order to inform people of our newsletters, products, and promotions; to publish information about our clients; to send details of the recent purchases and for billing purposes; and to allow us to improve our website by personalizing it according to the preferences of the majority of our visitors.

Upon subscribing to our newsletter and purchase of one of our products, we collect personal details such as the full name, the exact address, credit card data, and other contact details, among others. These are important information necessary to complete the transaction, and to serve our clients better.

In line with our commitment to keep the privacy of our users and clients safe, we hereby guarantee that all collected information will be kept safe and well encrypted for added protection. The data will be stored in fully secured servers located worldwide where operates, and the servers and the data centers are efficiently managed by trusted third party firms. We further assure that all data gathered will never be sold, rented, and transferred for any reason.

Links to Outside Sources

This website has pages and posts that contain outgoing links that may be affiliated with us. But some outbound links are also pointing to third party websites that are by no means affiliated with us. Nonetheless, has no obligation to these sites, and we are not liable to their respective privacy policy document.

About this Privacy Statement reserves the rights to make changes to this privacy policy anytime as deemed necessary. We, therefore, encourage users to read this document regularly for the updated version of the policy.