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Anyone who has ever watched Harry Potter will remember the moment in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when Draco Malfoy turns up with his state of the art Quidditch brooms and, the Gryffindor team accuse him of buying his way in. Now, whilst most of us hated Draco Malfoy, he has got a point; it is far easier to buy your way into the club. Yes, money doesn’t buy happiness but, it can buy traffic for your website, can’t it? So, it’s time to buy traffic, although not with Nimbus 2001’s.

Now, anyone from the older generation will think that this is crazy; come on, you can’t pay people to click on your site, can you? Well, now you can. In fact, whilst some may consider it to be cheating (it’ not) it can actually be far easier than publicising your website on various other sites. Come on, who doesn’t want to do it the easy way? Why make life harder for yourself?

It’s time to forget your company’s old marketing strategy and replace it with this newer and better one. After all, you have to move with the times, right? So, how exactly do you go about buying yourself website traffic?

So, without any traffic, your website is completely and utterly worthless. It’s like having a shop which on one ever comes into. How are you supposed to sell things if no one knows that you’re there? So, to raise your profile, you need to, ideally, get your page displayed on the first page of Google results. After all, how many of us actually click through multiple pages of sites? Now, you don’t even have to buy your way in anymore, you can actually just get in for free. Yes, you heard it, free. So, how do you find sites which will generate traffic for you for free?

Now, whilst many of you probably only care about generating free website traffic, do not do this. If you pay, you’re website will be advertised better and you will receive more traffic.

One way to generate traffic is to purchase an inclusion into various subscription newsletters. If you haven’t already thought of this before, you must be kicking yourself now. Come on, how many advertisements are there in one copy of Vogue alone? With this option, you can pay to have a certain amount of space or words. The cost can vary, depending on where your advertisements will be featured. For a page in a relatively decent publication, I would recommend budgeting for between $750 and $1000. It sounds a bit expensive, doesn’t it? However, with all the money you’ll be making in the long run from sales and traffic, it’ll be worth it.

If you use this option, you can expect to receive between 300 and 3000 click-throughs. Think about it, that’s a lot more visitors than you had before you started to pay for advertising.

That’s one type of trafficking covered but what about another glaringly obvious one? Social traffic. The social media is one of the most powerful resources out there on the internet and, whilst it may have received a lot of bad press recently, it can be used to your advantage. Think back to the last time you were on Facebook. Were there advertisements on your home page? For most of you, the answer should be yes. Now, whilst you can pay for social advertising, you can also publicise your site by creating a Facebook page or by tweeting it constantly. Now, whilst with some methods, you may buy ‘visitors’ to your site will stay on your site for approximately 0.1 of a second, if you advertise on social media websites, you are more likely, to get real visitors and, whilst this may be a slower way to increase web traffic, the people are real and so may even buy some of your products. Now, why didn’t you think of that before?

If it’s cheap traffic that you’re after, I would recommend Max Visits. They’re cheap and they get the job done. Unlike with many over web traffic sites, your site will genuinely be seen by real people, rather than robots. This means that, you may even make some sales whilst getting more traffic, which will allow you that all-important space on the first page of Google search results. So, how do they do it? They target the niche in which your website is operating. This means that, they will not advertise your site on a site which sells children’s toys, when you are selling mountain bikes. That wouldn’t be smart advertising. Instead, they advertise your site on sites similar to yours. As well as this method of trafficking, you can also buy access to social media advertising. This means that your site may appear on other people’s Facebook homepage, which will increase the likelihood of you getting noticed. Sounds fairly good, right?

However, Max Visits isn’t the only site which you could try, there’s also, which is a fast and reliable way to advertise your site. It doesn’t matter what sort of site you are, they will still get you visitors for it and, like Max Visits, the people who visit are genuine people. BuyFastWebTraffic is a far cheaper alternative to traditional advertising in newspapers and magazines. They will market your site to real visitors who are looking for specific information on the internet. This means that the people who visit are more likely to be genuinely interested in what your site has to offer, rather than people who are visiting it for a bit of extra cash.

They help you to push your website out into the world of the public eye. And, once you’ve earnt a fair bit, you can start to advertise in magazines and, who knows, you may even get a billboard in Times Square. But, until you reach the dizzying heights of Times Square, you’re going to need a reliable way of advertising and, that is where BuyFastWebTraffic comes in. You’ll get traffic and sales. What could possibly be wrong with that?

If you’ve decided that it’s time to push your website out into the public gaze, buying traffic may be the thing for you. Whilst many people think that, by buying traffic, they are paying for robots to visit their site, this is not true. If you use the right methods, there is no reason why your site shouldn’t be visited by genuine people who may even spend money. So, like Draco Malfoy, it’s time for us to buy a place in the team.


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