Is Google PageRank Still Relevant

The debate still rages on with regards to Google PageRank. Some would say it is still important in SEO; others will refute that. So, is Google PageRank still relevant today? Having two opposing views, a better way to find out which opinion is closure to the truth is to take a deeper look at each perspective in order to find out the truth. However, the right answer to the question may not be arrived at, but having good perspectives of the opposing views can help us decide for ourselves if it is worth having good PageRank in Google or not.

Google PageRank is Dead

For those who argue that PageRank is dead, it’s because there are many tell-tale signs that led to such conclusion. First of all, Google never updated the PageRank for several months. The last update was neither a quarter ago nor two quarter ago but longer than that. Based on record, the PageRank was last updated on February 2013, and since then no update was made.

Google insider, particularly Matt Cutts, mentioned in a tweet that he’d be surprised if there is an update until 2014. So that means that the February Google PR update will be the sole update for this year. Take note that in 2012, there were 4 updates on Google PageRank. The same is also true in 2011. Thus, the significant decline in update frequency for this year compared to the past two years is already a solid evidence that shows that Google is giving it less importance this year, and perhaps but arguably in the upcoming years, as well.

Another sign that shows that PR is dying is its declining availability or presence. It used to be a part in the webmasters tool before. However, it was taken out awhile back and no longer available today. Moreover, the PR toolbar is only available in Internet Explorer, and it was never made available in Chrome. It used to be available in Firefox, but it was taken down back in 2011. This is another sign that tells that Google seems no longer interested in pursuing the expansion of its usage and availability. Based on the above signs, it is just reasonable to conclude that Google is dead, or dying for that matter.

Is Google PageRank Still Relevant? Yes

On the contrary, there are also signs that show that Google PR is not dead yet. While it’s true that Google only updated the PR algorithm once this year, the same scenario also happened back in 2010. But in the ensuing two years afterwards, the PR update frequency was back to four again, except for this year.

Hence, there is greater probability that more updates will be done in the ensuing years, particularly next year 2014. Therefore, you better prepare ahead of time for the next update, so that by the time it is rolled out your PR will tremendously jump higher than it is today.

Another major reason that justifies that Google PR is not dead yet is the capacity of high PR sites to pass on valuable link juices to the linked web pages that can remarkably improve their page ranking positions in the SERPs. This is the main reason why link builders are focusing their activities on high PR sites to achieve good SEO results.

The Final Verdict

Both opposing views have valid reasons. It’s hard to tell what Google is up to right now. But since PageRank still exists and many high PR sites are still enjoying good ranking position in the search results, there are more reasons to believe that Google PageRank is still relevant today.


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