Is Directory Link Building Still Relevant in Today’s SEO Environment
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One of the traditional methods of building backlinks is directory link building. However, the search engine landscape has already changed today. In fact, Google alone implements hundreds of changes to its ranking algorithms every month. This leaves many webmasters and blog owners at a loss on what still works in SEO. Some are wondering – is directory link building still relevant? To find that out, read on.

What Still Works in SEO

A lot of things have changed in the search engine landscape, and this includes link building. In the past, quantity matters the most. Blogs with the highest number of backlinks rule the top of the SERPs. Well, that was before; today, it is not anymore. Websites that fill the front page of the search results are those with numerous high quality links, and the quality count matters the most.

So even if your blog has only 10 good quality backlinks, you can still outrank those with more than a hundred or thousand links but the link-quality is poor. The focus has now shifted from quantity to quality, and the ones with the most number of quality links rule the top of the SERPs.

Factors that Define Quality of the Link

While there are many factors that define link quality, you must focus on three things. One of them is the link source; the other is link popularity as defined by its Google PageRank; the last one is link relevancy.

Link Source

The sources of your backlinks matter a lot in SEO. If they came from well-respected networks, then the quality is good. But if the link comes from sites involved in black hat SEO activities, then the link is not only bad but it can compromise your blogs reputation among the search engines. There is higher chance that your blog will also be associated with black hat SEO since you have some links coming from bad sites involved in such activities.

Link Popularity

Another important factor that affects quality is popularity. This is usually measured by Google according to PageRank. Blogs with higher PageRank are great places to build some backlinks since they can pass on link juice to your pre-assigned webpage. So focus your directory link building on directories with high Google PageRank and you will get good results from your SEO.

Link Relevancy

Relevancy is an important SEO parameter that applies not only in link building but also in content marketing. Links coming from sites outside of your niche have poor value; sometimes they are deemed redundant. So don’t waste your efforts on building links from sources by beyond the niche where your business belongs to. Instead, focus your backlink building activities on related directories for best results.

Is Directory Link Building Still Relevant?

Going back to the main issue with regards to the relevancy or importance of directory links; the above principle applies. It doesn’t matter if the links are coming from directories or blogs for as long as they stay within the guidelines. So yes, they are still relevant today if the directory has high Google PageRank. It can pass on constructive link juices to your blog.

Is directory link building still relevant? Yes, it is relevant for as long as the directory is closely related to your niche, and it is also well respected in the community with clean SEO history. The key point to note here is that links are reflective of their source. If the source is bad, then the link is bad. Moreover, backlinks must also be aligned with retrospect to the source and the destination. If they are different, then the value is degraded.


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