If You Own a Web Site – You Need Traffic
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Having a website means that you need drive traffic to it in order to get found


If you are an online business then traffic is one of your essential requirements. If you are not getting traffic to your website then you are not likely to make any revenue from it. If you are a new online business then do not just opt for any traffic. Getting many hits does not mean that you have quality targeted traffic.


Whether you are new or an existing online business with a website, rather opt for quality and targeted traffic – with quality and targeted traffic you are more likely to get visitors that stick, return and actually purchase from you.


Here are a few tips on getting quality and targeted traffic to your website:


  1. Purchasing your quality and targeted traffic

By using pay-per-click (PPC) targeted search campaigns, you will be paying to rank in a high position for certain chosen keywords on search engines. Although you may get tons of traffic this way you need to monitor and adjust so that you get value for your money and are on target. The top dogs in PPC search engines are Google Adwords and Overture.

2.       Improve and use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to rank organically

According to search statistics – 70% of clicked on links on search engines come from organic searches. If you are wanting to increase your search ranking organically then you need to apply well researched keywords to the copy of your website; optimise your web page with SEO keywords; add your SEO keywords to you headings and meta data, etc.

3.       Create original and quality content for Google and your audience

4. Google loves original and quality content.  If you regularly publish fresh and original content on your website you will continually increase the traffic to your website.  The major search engine players such as Google, Yahoo and Bing – will favour websites that provide original and quality content for their users. Focusing on a niche will also help with relevance to your site.


There are many techniques to increasing and getting quality and targeted traffic, start by applying these.

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