How to Increase Targeted Traffic for Your Website
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In today’s online world, the sheer number of available websites can make it seem impossible for your own site to get the recognition that it truly needs.  However, there are ways of buying targeted traffic.  We will look at a few different options that allow you to get targeted traffic to your site, allowing you to understand your options, and choose the ones that work best for your unique situation.

What is Targeted Traffic?

Targeted website traffic refers to the visitors that visit your website due to their interest in, or desire to purchase your products or services.  Many website visitors arrive at a particular site based on search engine results.  These visitors are known as organic traffic, and generally end up on your website based on their own desire to find out more information.

Targeted traffic is based on visitors who are visiting your site based on specific marketing techniques that are designed to attract potential customers through precise placement of external links on external websites.  These links and advertisements are generally placed on social media or related product and service sites, allowing users to gain knowledge about your offerings before they ever reach your site.  These visitors generally have some knowledge of your products or services, and are visiting due to genuine interest in what you have to offer.

Targeted Traffic vs. Visitors

While the main goal of any website is to gain visitors, this is not always enough to see true success.  Targeted traffic brings visitors to your site that are more likely to purchase your products or services based on their interest.  Visitors, however, often simply visit the site to see what it is, and quickly navigate away.  A website can generate millions of hits, but if those hits are not purchasing anything, they are essentially worthless to your overall sales goals.

Targeted traffic is designed to bring visitors to your site that are much more likely to purchase products.  The external links are placed in areas that are similar to your own website, helping to ensure that visitors from these links are much more likely to result in conversions, which are actual sales generated.  This means that targeted traffic is of much higher quality than simple visitors, as they are essentially sales leads.

Types of Targeted Traffic

There are different options available for targeted traffic, with the most common ones being bulk clicks, paid inclusion, and pay per click.  While each of these options have the potential to drive traffic to your site, there are significant differences between them.

Bulk Clicks

Bulk clicks are a type of targeted traffic that allows you to purchase a large number of clicks on your website.  While this type of traffic will result in your website receiving a higher number of visitors, this does not actually mean that these are quality visitors to your site.  In many cases, bulk clicks are essentially nothing more than people or computer generated programs that seem to constantly click on, and close your homepage.  Most of these bulk visitors do not even take the time to read anything on your site, let alone purchase your products or services.  Additionally, if your server is not designed to handle this kind of traffic, your site could easily become overwhelmed and crash.

Paid Inclusion

Another method of purchasing targeted traffic is to use paid inclusion methods.  These methods include paying for your ads to be included in newsletters, ads, and banners.  This type of traffic generation can provide some conversions, depending on where the traffic originated from.

Paid inclusion does require careful planning to ensure that you are choosing external inclusion sites that are closely related to your own products and services.  If you deviate too far from your own specific niche, you will waste your advertising dollars on visitors that do not have a genuine interest in your products and services.

Another consideration for this type of targeted traffic is the actual landing page used for the campaign.  If your leads are sent directly to a signup or trial page, they are often less likely to take the time to find out more about your services and products.  However, when these visitors are sent to a home page, they are considerably more likely to navigate to other pages to see what you have to offer.

Pay Per Click

This method of getting targeted traffic to your site requires you to build an actual campaign that includes keywords designed to attract specific visitors to your site.  This method relies on paying only for actual visitors to your site, which often results in higher rates of conversion.  This method does require you to keep a close eye on the actual keyword clicks in order to determine the best keyword usage to attract quality leads.

When you are trying to buy targeted traffic for your website, it is best to focus on the methods that actually result in more purchases from the visitors.  Out of these three options, bulk clicks are essentially a waste of your money and time, as these visitors generally do not actually purchase your services or products.

When you need targeted traffic to your site, you should always make sure to monitor the results of your targeted leads.  This will ensure that you are able to see which leads are actually leading to conversions, so you can spend more time and focus on those purchases versus your other options.  While it may be tempting to simply pay for targeted leads and forget about it, this is not a beneficial way of generating quality sales leads for your website.

If you take the time to focus on the type of traffic you are receiving, as well as the quality of them, you will be more likely to have the traffic that your site truly needs.  Quality targeted traffic will result in the additional sales you need, providing a much better use of your advertising budget and time.



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