How to (Easily) Get More Website Hits And Visitors
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Everyone knows the importance of having your own web property today, especially if you want to enjoy any real business success whatsoever.

However, having your own little corner of the Internet – your own digital real estate, as it is – is not going to be enough. You’re going to need to do absolutely everything in your power to drive more website hits to your website, something that is nowhere near as simple and straightforward as you may have been led to believe.

Thankfully, with the “inside information” below you should be able to easily get more hits to your website then you would have been able to otherwise. It doesn’t have to be a real headache if you know what you’re doing, and in fact can quickly become one of the more enjoyable parts of your day to day marketing efforts.

So use the details below to get more clicks, push floods of targeted traffic to your site, and increase your conversions all at the same time – and get started doing it right now!

Create killer link bait to get more targeted visitors

The very first thing that you are going to want to focus on is creating the kind of killer link bait that people will actively seek out and consumed.

You see, a lot of people forget that the best way to drive more website hits and targeted traffic is to forget completely about what you want them to do, and instead focus on what they are looking for.

By creating link bait that your prospects, customers, clients, business partners, or other industry leaders are looking for, you are going to be rising above the rest of the crowd (all of that noise and clutter) and granting them right by the throats so that they pay attention to you.

Killer link bait is easily one of the most valuable components of getting more traffic then you know what to do with, and the very best link bait is:

  • Easily consumable
  • Super easy to share a
  • Has the potential to go viral
  • A high-value piece of content

If you are creating this kind of link bait for your own operation, you’re going to be able to push more traffic than anybody else in your space.

Don’t be afraid of a little showmanship

Too often people focus almost exclusively on the technical side of driving more visitors to their web properties, forgetting completely that they are dealing with real-life human beings – and they do not always respond to things that are so “cut and dry”.

In fact, if you are creating data heavy content and hoping that it helps you push more traffic hits to your properties you are making the same mistake that so many others before you already have. Yes, data and factual basis for all of your content is critical: comes time to justify their decision to click on your link and come to your page – but you need to first use a bit of showmanship to get them interested in the first place.

This is just not as easy as it should be, but that’s what separates those that enjoy tremendous success online from those that really struggle. Focus on copywriting, creating killer headlines, and pushing content that is engaging in interesting and you’ll be able to generate more clicks than anything else.

Use joint ventures to grow your traffic

Search engine optimization is essential for laying a solid foundation to get more people to your site, but it’s not the only way to go about pushing more traffic to your web properties.

Organic search engine optimization can be a little bit on the slower side of things when it comes to producing results, and if you want “almost overnight” success online you’re going to need to do everything you can to build joint ventures with those that already have access to high-quality traffic sources.

Obviously, you will need to bring something to the relationship and to the table to make it worth their while. But once you begin to create a number of high level joint ventures you’re going to have an incident amount of leverage to take advantage of, the kind of leverage that separates the winners from the losers in this online game.

Pay for website traffic whenever possible

If you have the budget, you should be trying to buy your website traffic whenever possible.

Again, organic search engine optimization certainly has a time and place where it can be overwhelmingly successful, but a lot of fat is long term success. You may or may not have all the time in the world to get accurate information about whether or not your business, service, or website is what the market is looking for (or whether it’s time to cut bait and try something else) if you go with organic search engine optimization.

On the other hand, if you pay for website traffic right out of the gate you’ll always know what your conversion rate is, what you can do to improve it, and how many other traffic sources, techniques, tactics, or strategies you need to leverage to get the end results you are after.

Always focus on your visitors

Finally, it’s essential that you do everything in your power to focus your search engine optimization or traffic generation approach to become more customer and visitor centric than anything else.

Too terribly many otherwise smart and savvy business owners, marketers, or advertisers are guilty of “me too” marketing, and then are surprised when they aren’t getting the kind of results that they had hoped to receive.

Do not fall into this trap.

Instead, generate more visits then you will know what to do with just by focusing on providing value and content that your marketplace is clamoring for, trying to stay at least a couple of steps ahead of the rest of the pack while doing so. If you’re able to, the sky is literally the limit.


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