What type of traffic will I get?

You are right for asking for the type of traffic that you shall be getting from us. This
is very important because our traffic sources differ much from most of our
competitors. While some are going to send over to your site web visitors from
traffic exchange networks while others are from paid-to-click sites, we don’t give
you such poor-quality traffic, and that’s our guarantee.

Our traffic sources are legitimate; they are coming from expired domains and
expired web urls. Every month, hundreds of domains are not renewed upon expiry,
and many of these expired and un-renewed domains are still enjoying high amount
of traffic due to the marketing activities and SEO done by their respective previous
owners in the past.

We bought and owned thousands of these expired domains that belonged to various
niches. When you subscribe to one of our packages, we’ll just redirect the flow of
traffic from domains related to your niche and send them over to your designated
webpage. Since some of the traffic is coming from the search engines, you too will
get organic traffic from the search engines without doing and spending so much on
search engine optimization.

Why is the rate of your organic traffic very slow?

Depending on your niche and time, the rate of organic visits will fluctuate per day.
It’s because these visitors are human, and we don’t force them to go over your site.
We only recommend to them and they will decide for themselves if they want to
check out or not. That means they are truly targeted to your niche. That is why
your campaign should last for a couple of weeks and not just days, especially if you
bought huge amount of visitors. However, since we have many domains in our
database, we can still deliver your ordered amount within the agreed time frame.

How can I monitor the amount and source of traffic you are giving me?

Every campaign comes with live statistics, free of charge so that you can easily
track the progress of your campaign. Unique login details will be sent over to your
email so that you can check your traffic level every day, including the sources. With
the stats daily report, you can perform split-testing during the campaign, especially
if you are changing your web url. This allows you to determine the specific webpage
of your site that converts better.

Can I change sites during the campaign?

We are one of the few that allows you to change the web url during the campaign.
If the first webpage did not convert well, you can shift to another page of your site,
or to a new website. In fact, you can split the amount of traffic, equally or
according to importance, among your owned websites. For every purchase, you will
be given credits, and you can assign certain credits to each of the websites that you
own. You can also send traffic to various pages under the same domain, which is
good for search engine optimization.

Do you have restrictions, or do you still websites based on contents?

To give you better results, we do have restrictions when it comes to web contents.
Adult contents are not allowed, unless you are subscribed to our adult traffic
package; so, if you want adult traffic, then subscribed according to the right
package. But for all campaign, we do not allow websites that contain virus,
including those that force download malicious programs. This is for your own good.

Is buying traffic better than advertising?

It’s hard to say that we are better than advertising. But we can say that our
packages are way much cheaper than the costs of advertising, and yet you can still
achieve the same success as those who are doing and spending so much on
advertising. In fact, some of the visitors that we will send to you will be generated
from banner ads. But the best part is, your cost is less than pennies per click versus
dollars per click in CPA offers.

Do you also offer pop-under and pop-up traffic?

Inquire for our pop-under or popup traffic services. We also offer services beyond
our published plans. So, feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you on
what package is well suited to your business.

Can you guarantee that my sales will increase after buying traffic from

While we guarantee that we will send you targeted traffic for our premium plans,
we cannot warrant that your sales will increase since there are numerous factors
that must be met to attain better sales. This includes, among others, having an
optimized landing page and good quality contents. Therefore, you are still
encouraged to do your own part in converting traffic into sales, while we also do our
part in giving you traffic that is well targeted to your business.