Does Google Determine Your Future?
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As a digital marketer, Google determines your future.

Digital marketers employ all kinds of strategies today like social media marketing, omni-channel marketing, convergence marketing email marketing and many others.

Ultimately, it is due to location of people to find and use your content as well as attaining a desired action.

According to ClikZ magazine, email is more effective than social media including in-store messaging to achieve the aforementioned strategies.

Other marketers use the essential tool of visibility which is actually “Google Search Ranking”.

Google fills the void for sites that do not use alternative branding efforts. It may sound absurd regarding the way it assigns rank where there are billions of websites. Marketers will thus swear to the capabilities of Google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is based on evidence derived from Google.  This is the preserve of Google as it is not found on other search engines.

There are situations involving site ranking being impacted by development rooted problems related to duplicate content.

Google search engine optimization avails relevant content regarding your subject matter. However, some people view this as volumes of pages

Google views things differently. When a consultant firm required top-heavy content about contract law, the developers made single long page with a lot of content on it. It was linked throughout the site repeatedly while the links put specific headings at the top of the browser. Google’s web crawler identified this as hundreds of duplicated pages. Google does not deliver them as different pages.

Search results will be improved once the site desists from using a single page. Google are not keen on duplicate content even when it isn’t.

The site has suffered because the bot was not designed to work within such parameters. As a private company, Google has the leeway to do what it wants thus, denying the end user what it wants.

Nor is the sea going to dry up any time soon. Google cannot change to suit every individual or business.

As a digital marketer, you need to fit your site into the working parameters of Google. This is because you need Google traffic and favorable rankings. As such, Google determines your future.

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