Comprise Study Indicates That 30% of All Online Traffic Consists of Fake Display Ad Impressions
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Traffic and links vary because of the magnitude of fake clicks and ad traffic on the increase. This is due to third-party resellers, exchanges and ad networks according to MdotLabs.

The CEO and co-founder of MdotLabs, Timur Yarnall, that assists brands in tracking and eliminating worthless traffic states that up to 30% of all online traffic consists of Fraudulent or fake display-ad impressions

Taking the whole world into consideration, display fraud waste could be as high as $10 billion with between  $3.6 and $4.5 billion in the United States alone per year according to him.

There are two major reasons for this. It has become harder for agencies and brands to track the money in the optimization in online ad selling and buying. Also, as suspicious traffic may be increasing revenue to the burgeoning ad tech industry, it tends to ignore it.

Findings in the MdotLabs study showed that on assuming the role as a web publisher and subscribing to traffic generation services the Madison, Wisconsin located company found other site that work with similar Pat-per-view networks. Investigations were carried out on 10 PPV networks reaching across hundreds of publisher sites. Instantly recognized brands in the US  like Staples, Samsung, Honda, Disney, Audi and American Express pay millions of dollars annually for ad s that are not seen by anybody.

There are an estimated 15 billion  worthless impressions that are generated from these PPV networks on a monthly basis. The cost of advertising  is measured at $180 billion per year on assumption that there is a modest quality level for the sites that are part of PPV network. This is according to the Chief Scientist and Co-founder of MdotLabs, Paul Barford.

Online advertisers and their associates are forking out tens of billions of dollars  according to Barford, as a result of traffic that is not created by genuine interest from a desired human user as well as malware derived traffic, bot traffic or non- human traffic and falsified traffic generation techniques particularly with regard to traffic exchanges.

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