Can a Brand Push Traffic Through Pinning?
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For a while, my wife had faced challenges decorating a certain section of our home using poster-sized snaps of our children and it finally proved to be beyond budget. The outlets that make these extra-large photos that are prohibitively expensive.

Finally, she came across Pinterest and found someone with the same problem. She only needed to visit a supply store and request the drafter’s print of a photo. She would then glue it to a foam board and paint the edges to form a frame. She got a professional look for $10.

On contacting the person, we explained my occupation. I found out that the user owned a small office supply company and made the pin to offer some useful information while generating additional traffic into the store.

Utilizing Pinterest has proved a challenge for both large and small scale retailers to influence the sites millions of daily visitors. It is easier to engage visitors on social sites like Facebook where consumers want to create a friendship as opposed to being sold by brands.

But, small office Supply Company has employed the only technique that will work; giving the consumers what they want yet expecting nothing in return.  This is a difficult concept to adopt as major brands will always want immediate returns from investment.

There is a potential for great return with regard to users of sites similar to Pinterest so as to draw traffic to their sites and local stores.

As a result of the creative pin that solved her problem, my wife visited a local store of national office supplies and bought the photos and all the necessary materials as well as a new desk and printer for her home office. These purchases were unplanned.

It is essential for social media and brand managers should learn how their products and services are meant to be used and also how they can be used including their utility to consumers.

Simple ideas can be more profitable than the traditional approach with regards to digital marketing. As long as the consumers are satisfied, you will receive profitable returns in the not too distant future.

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