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Millennial Media has partnered with Placed and Neustar in assisting advertisers to measure the impact of mobile marketing on foot traffic and spend at retail outlets. The mobile ad network wants to enhance campaign measurement through the integration of third party location and credit card data. It comes after the Jumptap acquisition and the launch […]
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More and more publishers are increasing revenue streams and acquiring new users to their websites by adopting content marketing tools. Conversely, the “traffic exchange” has developed over the last few years. Companies such as Knowd, Crowd Ignite, Scribol and MGID have partnered with publishers to help increase their content. This is a simple model that […]
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For a while, my wife had faced challenges decorating a certain section of our home using poster-sized snaps of our children and it finally proved to be beyond budget. The outlets that make these extra-large photos that are prohibitively expensive. Finally, she came across Pinterest and found someone with the same problem. She only needed […]
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Traffic and links vary because of the magnitude of fake clicks and ad traffic on the increase. This is due to third-party resellers, exchanges and ad networks according to MdotLabs. The CEO and co-founder of MdotLabs, Timur Yarnall, that assists brands in tracking and eliminating worthless traffic states that up to 30% of all online […]
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If you do not already have traffic problems in your company, get ready to face them. Here are some tips on how to overcome the challenges that will arise as you move your business forward. Reduction in Organic Search Referrals There is an imminent problem of traffic for traders because there is a declining number […]
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As a digital marketer, Google determines your future. Digital marketers employ all kinds of strategies today like social media marketing, omni-channel marketing, convergence marketing email marketing and many others. Ultimately, it is due to location of people to find and use your content as well as attaining a desired action. According to ClikZ magazine, email […]
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Despite going against the advice of some so-called SEO experts to avoid buying website traffic, there are times that you should buy internet traffic to boost the performance of your online business and ventures.
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It’s pretty obvious that after you buy targeted traffic you will experience a sudden surge of visits from targeted people. But you should not be too overwhelmed by the massive number of visitors to your site.
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Buying traffic can be done without flaw. But if you are not extra careful when you buy targeted traffic for your website, your chances of falling into the fraud traps will increase.