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Buying traffic is not for everyone, just like advertising. If you don’t observe certain unwritten rules and precautionary measures, then it is best not to buy targeted traffic just yet because this venture is not going to be a profitable one but a losing campaign. Contrary to the common notion, success is not guaranteed but […]
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Google announced that it recently rolled out one of its latest and biggest algorithm changes dubbed as the Google Hummingbird on September 27, 2013. Coincidentally, or intentionally, this was rolled out on the same day Google celebrated its 15th year of service to the online community. Just like Google Panda, the Hummingbird Google algorithm update focuses […]
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One of the traditional methods of building backlinks is directory link building. However, the search engine landscape has already changed today. In fact, Google alone implements hundreds of changes to its ranking algorithms every month. This leaves many webmasters and blog owners at a loss on what still works in SEO. Some are wondering – […]
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No one argues that the best links are natural links. These are organic links built not by the blog owner but by the page viewers because they are referring the webpage to their friends due to its value. This is the perfect link building scenario that search engines like Google would like to see. While […]
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Having a website means that you need drive traffic to it in order to get found   If you are an online business then traffic is one of your essential requirements. If you are not getting traffic to your website then you are not likely to make any revenue from it. If you are a […]
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Search engine optimization is so complex that it can hardly be done entirely by a single person. No, it is not a one-man army campaign; rather, it requires a team of professionals in different aspects of SEO. Therefore, outsourcing is the best thing to do to optimize your blog. This is just the start of […]
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Need traffic? – Here are a few ways to get traffic without using social sharing or SEO techniques   Reach out and bring back the traffic to your site This technique requires you to find blogs that are popular in your niche and entice their traffic o rather visit your blog. Here is how you […]
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Many online marketers may not give so emphasis on Alexa Rank, but having a good Alexa score still works wonder today. Many online shoppers are still looking at the Alexa Rank before buying from a website, and they use it as a major factor when deciding whether to trust an online shop or not. So […]
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Going mobile is not only a trend nowadays, but it is now imperative amid the new changes of Google to its ranking algorithm, more particularly the Google Hummingbird that focuses on mobile-friendly contents. Therefore, learn how to optimize website for mobile and start making some changes to your blog to ensure that the contents and […]
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After a failed attempt to turnaround its Ad business in the last quarter, Yahoo company stock plummeted by 7%. Although the firm reported an increase in overall paid clicks and an increase in ads sold, the prices it commanded in both cases dropped. Yahoo’s saving grace is its lucrative investment in the Alibaba Group that […]