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So you need traffic to your website.  Who doesn’t?  But how do you get it? You need to formulate plans.  One plan isn’t enough; have both long term and short term plans in place.  Don’t think short term now and long term later.  Later will never come if you don’t think about it now, and […]
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In today’s online world, the sheer number of available websites can make it seem impossible for your own site to get the recognition that it truly needs.  However, there are ways of buying targeted traffic.  We will look at a few different options that allow you to get targeted traffic to your site, allowing you […]
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Everyone knows the importance of having your own web property today, especially if you want to enjoy any real business success whatsoever. However, having your own little corner of the Internet – your own digital real estate, as it is – is not going to be enough. You’re going to need to do absolutely everything […]
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Website traffic is an important consideration for any website.  There are many options available to buy traffic that is targeted to your niche, but you need to make sure that the traffic you buy is actually going to help you reach your goals. Goals for the traffic to your website depend on your needs.  You […]
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A lot of otherwise smart and savvy this is owners, marketers, and advertisers out there aren’t wild about the idea of purchasing traffic. For whatever reason, they have bought (often hook, line, and sinker) the big myth that the Internet offers so many different free traffic generation approaches that making the decision to purchase website […]
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The debate still rages on with regards to Google PageRank. Some would say it is still important in SEO; others will refute that. So, is Google PageRank still relevant today? Having two opposing views, a better way to find out which opinion is closure to the truth is to take a deeper look at each […]
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Keyword research today is now different from the way it was done a year ago. In a span of one year, many things have changed causing the process of researching for the perfect keyword terms to change, as well. First of all, the old keyword tool of Google was recently retired; it is now replaced […]
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If you want your web pages to rank higher in the search engine result pages, then you need to publish search engine optimized articles. But where can I get SEO articles? A few of the best options on where to get them will be presented further on. But before going into that, it is best […]
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For the first time since May 2011, Yahoo finally grabbed the top spot last July 2013 with retrospect to web traffic in the United States. It captured about 196.6 million monthly unique hits, compared to 192.6 million Google unique visitors. This was a feat that surprised many webmasters, yet it is also a sign for […]
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Link building is such a complex and laborious process that requires ample time and manpower in order to gain traction. While you can do it on your own, you will definitely be left out by your competitors if you don’t tap on the available resources like hiring a trusted backlink service provider. However, the rising […]