Best Google Alternatives To Get Paid Traffic To Website
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For the first time since May 2011, Yahoo finally grabbed the top spot last July 2013 with retrospect to web traffic in the United States. It captured about 196.6 million monthly unique hits, compared to 192.6 million Google unique visitors. This was a feat that surprised many webmasters, yet it is also a sign for online marketers and businesses to start diversifying the traffic sources and expand outside of Google.

Many bloggers and big businesses today still rely on the search engines, particularly Google, when it comes to traffic. Despite what happened to many establishments when Google first rolled out the Panda and the Penguin algorithm updates, many are still optimizing their websites for Google without other alternative traffic sources.

They never learned the lessons taught by the Panda and the Penguin updates. After all, Google remains the dominant leader in the online search industry. However, it is gradually losing market share. In fact, Facebook is quickly gaining ground, grabbing a significant share of the market and overtaking Yahoo.

But whoever wins the race in the search engine landscape, online entrepreneurs and bloggers must start looking for other traffic alternatives. This will put any business on a more solid ground. By having other sources of leads, your business will still survive even if Google creates yet another chaos in SEO.

So if you are up to it, here are some of the best Google alternatives that you can tap on to get website traffic. Some of them are free, while others may require sufficient investment from your end, but they are nevertheless worthwhile and profitable if done right.

Other Web Traffic Alternatives Aside from Google

One of the best methods of capturing well targeted traffic is through advertising. The results are quick, as well. By advertising your site using the right keywords, you can quickly get a sudden surge of hits in less time. This is the best technique to use if you are offering seasonal deals and time-limited offers.

In these cases, you need to get as many website visitors as you can in order to get more people to grab your offers and bargains. SEO is not a good option if your online store is still far from the top of the SERPs since it will usually take time for your site to get to the front page.

Paid Traffic Services

Another excellent alternative is to get paid traffic to website . Just like advertising, this can give you faster results. In fact, you can already observe significant increase in visitor count once you subscribe to a paid traffic service. One major drawback of this option is the widespread scam in the industry. Many are giving clients ultra-low quality visitors; some of them are even bots and not real humans.

Aside from that, many such services will send visitors to your blog coming from traffic exchange networks and paid-to-click (PTC) networks. There are labeled by Google as spam sites, and the method is tagged as black hat due to the manipulative nature of capturing leads. Thus, you will face the risk of being downgraded in page rank if caught getting hits from these networks.

Get Website Traffic from Social Networks

Also a free alternative to Google is the social network. Social sites like Facebook are treasure coves of prospects including potential visitors to your blog. What is good about this method is that you are going to enjoy marketing your site to your network of friends while simultaneously socializing with them.

You should by no means limit your options to the above alternatives. There are still many other techniques to get website traffic aside from Google that are not only effective in capturing targeted visitors but prospective buyers, as well.

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